Had just gone to my parents' house because dad and I would then go see Horse.. about on arrival there I was called by the building maintenance company that the shop downstairs reported a leak and could I be home to let a fixy person in. Cancel horse plans and return home.. nice guy is now scratching his head because it sure isn't anything visible and/or accessible.. which means that whatever is wrong is probably wrong inside the walls! Yaywootfun.

Update: now have three guys in the loo searching for a leak
I usually let Spookie out of the bench about half an hour before I feel ready to get out of bed, and she usually gets onto the bed and either snuggles and purrs (LOUDLY) or pounces my toes and any other limb I dare to move. Tijg has resumed his habit of sitting on the corner of the mattress for a while. So it's quite cozy on the bed just before I get up :-)
Sometimes they are both playful and things devolve into Battlefield Arwen, with pouncing across the bed and such. It's cute when Spook does it, but Tijg is really too heavy to land on me like that!
This morning though Spookie came up to the head end to purr at me, and Tijg was there too and he licked her head! Only for a moment, but she looked so pleased, and it was very cute. They may end up cuddling yet?
Still trying to teach her about the cat flap in the door. She sits on the other side and makes pathetic meeping sounds..
I'm really happy with how things are going! Tijg seems happy and meows less, and he seems very pleased with having her around. They do little chasing games and last night they were each on a side of the overhanging couch cover and playing through it. He also seems to invite her to chase him sometimes. Very cute. I wouldn't have dared to hope seeing this develop so well so soon. PIX! )
Ah yes, the challenge of 1) getting both cats in the frame, and 2) getting a white cat and a black cat to look good together!

Basement kitty is maybe going to be Spookie, or maybe Ninja. I can't figure it out.
This morning we had a couple of friendly nose-to-nose moments, and when it all seemed rather curious rather than stressed I first let BK explore the room and the kitchen and hallway, and then let Tijgje join her. They were a bit cautious about eachother, but there's been no hissing (except one time when she startled him) and they have even done some playful chasing and almost-pouncing. They haven't quite figured out playing together yet, but it looks really hopeful!
I tried to make a quick photo of the peace between Ceiling Cat and Basement Kitten, but it came out too dark. Hopefully I'll have some good light to photograph her tomorrow. It's not easy - she doesn't sit still much!
More approaches from Tijg. A couple of hissy ones and a couple that seemed cautiously friendly/tolerant. Then she pounced him (or tried to, through the cage) and he jumped a metre in the air and that was a small setback :-D
I let her walk around in my room this morning - realised that it's really easy to get her out from under the bed. All I have to do is swish the feather-onna-fishpole around and she's right there :-)
They came face to face through the locked catflap without hissing, and just now she's playing with a milk cap I gave her and Tijg is watching her from about 30cm away. Milk caps are his favourite toy to play hockey with so I think the sound is making him curious, but he's looking friendly/interested, with relaxed soft eyes. Awesome!
Not a bad night. She wakes up when I move around or turn, but she settles back down again nicely.

This morning (day 2) Tijg seems more at ease. He comes into my room and walks around. Most of the time, unless he's in about a metres' radius of the cage, he can have eye contact with her without hissing. He also played hockey in the hallway, stopped to look at her through the open doorway, and continued. (she reeaaally wanted to join in)

Update 5.30 pm - he just came in for scritchies and laid down to have his belly rubbed - clearly getting more comfortable around BK and the cage now. He's also been up on the windowledge behind the cage for a while, sitting there to look down on her without much problem. He still hisses when he suddenly comes face to face with her, but he doesn't 'lock on' as strongly as before.

10pm: he just had a brief but friendly almost nose-to-nose encounter with her. Then she turned around in search of the red dot, then back to him rather fast, and he startled and hissed. The bench is great, I wouldn't have managed without - Tijg very much needs things to happen at his own pace, and it's all his choice like this. BK seems very eager to meet him and join in with his games. Feeling quite hopeful right now.
Very sweet, craves my attention. Starts squeek-meowing the moment I live the room. Played in short busts and mostly slept through the night. I've been working on two-hand stroking for a more enclosed feeling, to work toward picking her up.
Tijg kept walking into the room when it was his dinnertime - coming to get me, but staring at the cage. As long as BK doesn't stare back, Tijg is fine. When she does look at him they both get hard eyes and Tijg hisses and sometimes growls. He came right into the room and up to the cage a few times though.
Katja is here, in a borrowed bench that could house a Saint Bernard. So far she's been remarkably chilled out - she meowed a bit in the car, but didn't seem upset. She immediately started exploring the bench and playing with the toys. She ate a few biscuits and did some very messy drinking. She hasn't used the catbox yet (and I use a substrate that she's unfamiliar with) but I hope that in this small space she'll pick it as the best option when she needs to go. She has a purr like a bandsaw that comes up as soon as you look at her, but she's a bit shy about being touched - she wants to headbutt my hand, but big open handed strokes and a more enclosed feeling is a bit scary. I think she might come around within days though, she's really eager for my attention.

Tijg is a bit upset. He stared through the (locked) catflap but since I've opened the door he just stays in the door opening and pacing the hallway. If she looks back at him he'll hiss and growl. If she's playing or distracted he just stares, and seems very concerned by it all. I'm trying to keep her playing or distracted while he's looking to help him feel at ease. I hope he doesn't take my ceiling cat/basement cat jokes serious and will grow more comfortable with her soon. Right now I feel a little sad about the way he's banished himself from my room - he's always so close to me that I miss just sticking my hand out while I'm working and getting a headbutt from him. I'll have to make sure I still spend lots of time playing and clickertraining with him.
Two people taking their two giant breed dogs for walkies - mastiff types I think - and pushing along a litter of giant puppies in a shopping cart. Cute socialisation walk :-)
Oct 2010

but I'm finally learning photoshop, that's a good thing, right?
I also want to strangle him right now

No wait, I want to get a kitten. A kitten that bugs him allll the time because it's bored and wants his attention. Until he goes 'Aaaugh, shut up and leave me alone!'
That would be revenge..


Oct. 8th, 2010 10:35 am
They are drilling down on ground level. This is good - the shop down there is nearly finished (the previous supermarket moved out two years ago, it's been empty until they started gutting and rebuilding it two months ago) and we will probably have a Lidl in there before the month is out.
But GOD the constant drilling is getting on my nerves.
I went to the big blue and yellow place. Friday isn't ideal - it probably wasn't that busy, but I prefer it to be empty. Like monday morning opening time empty. Still it went okay for the most part, I got most of what I wanted and a few handy extra things. My booze no longer sits in nooks and crannies of my room looking all hidden and illicit, but has a cupboard with a nice glass door and space for glasses. And we now have some extra storage space in the kitchen,which is very welcome.
The other day I was overcome by a sudden lust for a Dymo label maker so I could label ALL THE THINGS. I don't know why that's so satisfying, but it is, and some research revealed that a lot of people have the same impulse. So clearly not as weird as I thought.
A modern printy Dymo is far more practical, but I really like the look of the oldfashioned 3D embossed labels, so I finally gave in and got one of those things and some rolls of tape.

So far I've labelled lots of things, though I spent the most time on labelling the pots of my new spice rack and then filling them with spices. It looks niiice.

In other domestic bliss news, I finally sold my terrarium this morning. Which means the spot on my chest of drawers is free at last and I can go to Ikea to buy something to put there. I want a booze cupboard, but sadly it's impossible to find something of the right size that has sliding doors, so I'll probably end up with a halfhigh, halfwide Billy with a door.
1) Tijgje is awwdorable
2) Yesterday the weather was lovely and summery
3) I did two loads of laundry - mostly bedding - and could dry it all outside
4) We now have a dryer for when it's not lovely outside
5) Sailing lessons keep getting cancelled because of no wind - wait, that's not the happy thing: when we do manage to go out onto the river, I am doing really well and I feel like I have fair boat control and it no longer freaks me out. I'm still not good at the skipper part - making decisions and telling the jib handler what to do, but hey, it's coming.
6) I really like my new housemate L
7) The order with empty perfume spray bottles arrived yesterday and now I have BPAL sprays, which is far easier to use (and to transport) than oils.
8) I have just tidied and folded and put away the backlog of laundry.
I know a few other people use TinyFox - did the latest update give you a really weird transparent and unusuable browser too?



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