I found the recipe for a bread starter - it's one of those things where you get (or make) a starter, feed it, and after 10 days you give away 3 parts and bake a bread.
Except it's not really a bread. I surmised this from the eggs and the sugar in the final recipe (it is called bread though). It smelled wonderful when baking (smelled of proper bakery) and I'm trying a piece now and it is... cake-bread-brioche HELL IF I KNOW.

It's tasty, though not sweet enough to properly be cake and not bready enough for bread. It tastes... undecided. I think raisins might improve it as that'll tip the balance toward sweet.

WEIRD though.

Edit: it's pretty much this recipe though  I went a lot lower on the oil (blech) and didn't do cinnamon - figured I'd make one plain first, but it would probably be really nice. Next one with cinnamon and raisins I think.


Nov. 28th, 2009 02:28 am
Decided I hadn't had steak in way too long and this was a good day to splash out and get a nice one. AH supermarkets here do fairly small steaks - 120 to 150 grams is what I could find. Nice as part of a meal, a bit small when had mostly unaccompanied.
I looked up cooking times and followed those for medium-rare - sadly it turned out a solid medium though. It was nice, but I like the center still rare and this one was all pink. I think the pan I used (gets incredibly hot) and the smallish size of it probably made it go slightly faster than the time suggestion said it would.Still nice though. And the house still smells of lightly cremated cow.
I've been looking at ways to make cooking easier on myself, since chopping and holding tools to stir etc is pretty difficult for me. Found this  cool little device. Pretty decent price so I went for it. Arrived today, and I'm so pleased with it!

Say  "Aaaaaww" now - it's tiny. Can't find the picture with a hand in the frame, but the bowl is 10 cm across, and 5 cm deep. It's cute. And it does all kinds of little chopping jobs, and it especially awesome for making things like humous, dip sauces, pesto, that sort of thing.

I also cooked Yoghurt Chicken (but with strips of flattened chicken breast instead of legs). It was nice but a little bland - I should have realised that if she said it was her favourite with her kids, it would need some added kick to be interesting to me. I wonder if cayenne pepper in the yoghurt mixture would make it just right? In any case the concept of yoghurt with chicken was new to me and turns out to be rather nice.



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