Gimme back my livejournal. There is a motherlode of Xmen First Class slash fic I have to read.
Someone sent me the gorgeous book Dragonology and I just adore it. Whoever you are, I hope you read this - thank you very much.
...and consequently I had completely forgotten about it until 10 minutes ago.

I blame all of you. Pah, 27 reminders about the UK elections, but none of the NL?

...going now
A David Attenborough Satnav voice set

"Heah, the tiny roundabout, safe in its natural habitat, carefuly peeks out onto the motorway..."

"As we traverse the migration route, we turn left at the earliest opportunity"

If that doesn't exist, why not?

Edit: let's do a twitter campaign! It'll liven up a friday. Go here and add your suggestions please :-)
'Tallship Symphony'

At events like the tallships races, there are moments when all the ships sound off their foghorns together. Sometimes at marked moments like after the opening fireworks, sometimes spontaneously after one starts. I always love hearing that, it's a sentimental sound to me, and all the 'voices' joining in is a beautiful sound.

Hence the idea to take it a little bit further, and write a melody for the ship's foghorns. A baseline of the low horn tones (mostly the larger ships), the higher beeps for rhythm, the small ship's horns for the melody. Puntuated by gunshot.

I would love to see this done and wonder if Sail Training International would go for it it was presented to them in prepared form. Obviously you would need to compose the music (sometime that sounded good in a slow tempo, and fairly forgiving), write out seperate sheet instructions for every participating ship, and at the moment itself perhaps broadcast a ticker (or counting) on a communal VHF channel.

Here's a video with some of the foghorn sounds. The high 'beep' is the Stavros. The low belly sound is Europa (the sound of that can still make me wistful)
Thinkgeek postage. Why is it so damn high? I get like 30 dollars postage quoted for 2 t-shirts. That's ridiculous.
Please give me back my Firefly box set. Thanks.




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