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Nov. 18th, 2010 10:48 am
My housemate's mother is visiting with her dog. Tijg has met this (very friendly but overly enthusiastic) dog twice before and has come to a degree of comfort when he's in the house. Tijg is also not afraid to chastise dog when he gets too in-your-face. Dog, used to feline supremacy, is both deeply fascinated (wants to play), and properly respectful of cat claws :-)
This morning at 4am though, Tijg woke me up to notify me that There's A Dog In The House, and this Concerned Him. I let him out of my room to stand guard in the hallway, which he did (right in front of Dog's Door) until my housemate got up.
Dog's owner brought a bench along and this morning dog was in his bench in the door opening of housemate's room. Tijg went and sat right in front of him for a while, which was funny. Spookie also came to investigate, though a bit more hesistant - she is clearly also used to dogs to some degree. They they both sat in my door opening, sat just so they could look around the corner and keep an eye on the dog. Cute. I took video, though it's probably rather dark.
Two people taking their two giant breed dogs for walkies - mastiff types I think - and pushing along a litter of giant puppies in a shopping cart. Cute socialisation walk :-)

I love how pleased with herself the middle dog looks :-)

And remember the video I posted for christmas? Here's the sequel



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