I love having housemates who actively like the cats. After 4 people who dealt with them in varying degrees of tolerance (to outright intolerance in the most dramatic case), I now have two housemates who really like having a Ceiling Cat and a Basement Kitty around, and the cats like them back, spend time in their rooms and are generally affectionate. Tijg has made himself popular by imperiously deciding that chairs and beds are for him to curl up on and keep people company while studying (and also he offers tricks to beg for food sometimes, which has been proudly shown off to friends) and Spook amuses everybody with her batshitcrazy episodes.

It's really wonderful to not have to worry about if they are bothering anybody, and I just plain enjoy sharing the kitteh love. Point in fact: L just came to say that Tijg is asnooze on her bed, and she's keeping him for the night :-)

Cats & Dog

Nov. 18th, 2010 10:48 am
My housemate's mother is visiting with her dog. Tijg has met this (very friendly but overly enthusiastic) dog twice before and has come to a degree of comfort when he's in the house. Tijg is also not afraid to chastise dog when he gets too in-your-face. Dog, used to feline supremacy, is both deeply fascinated (wants to play), and properly respectful of cat claws :-)
This morning at 4am though, Tijg woke me up to notify me that There's A Dog In The House, and this Concerned Him. I let him out of my room to stand guard in the hallway, which he did (right in front of Dog's Door) until my housemate got up.
Dog's owner brought a bench along and this morning dog was in his bench in the door opening of housemate's room. Tijg went and sat right in front of him for a while, which was funny. Spookie also came to investigate, though a bit more hesistant - she is clearly also used to dogs to some degree. They they both sat in my door opening, sat just so they could look around the corner and keep an eye on the dog. Cute. I took video, though it's probably rather dark.
1) Tentative schedule for the shower situation is: seal and reshape tomorrow, tiling saturday, sealing again on sunday, drying on monday, back in use on tuesday.

2) I have about 900 teabags now. *hugs Karen and Ali*
So yesterday the theory was that the sides of the shower tray leaked and it needed to be resealed.
Today Martijn (neighbour) came by and pointed out that it was almost certainly leaking behind the tiles of that stupid little halfway ledge that always has water standing on it because it's not self-draining.
Boy was he right. Just tore out all the tiles of the ledge and downward and the cinderblocks underneath are completely soaked.. so bad that I think it could take weeks for them to dry completely and we're probably better off taking them out. (of course, no telling what we'll find behind that!). Not Good! Dad is coming by tonight to formulate A Plan, and we can rent an industrial dehumidifier tomorrow, but we're probably still looking at after the weekend at least until we have a shower again :-/
Had just gone to my parents' house because dad and I would then go see Horse.. about on arrival there I was called by the building maintenance company that the shop downstairs reported a leak and could I be home to let a fixy person in. Cancel horse plans and return home.. nice guy is now scratching his head because it sure isn't anything visible and/or accessible.. which means that whatever is wrong is probably wrong inside the walls! Yaywootfun.

Update: now have three guys in the loo searching for a leak
I went to the big blue and yellow place. Friday isn't ideal - it probably wasn't that busy, but I prefer it to be empty. Like monday morning opening time empty. Still it went okay for the most part, I got most of what I wanted and a few handy extra things. My booze no longer sits in nooks and crannies of my room looking all hidden and illicit, but has a cupboard with a nice glass door and space for glasses. And we now have some extra storage space in the kitchen,which is very welcome.
The other day I was overcome by a sudden lust for a Dymo label maker so I could label ALL THE THINGS. I don't know why that's so satisfying, but it is, and some research revealed that a lot of people have the same impulse. So clearly not as weird as I thought.
A modern printy Dymo is far more practical, but I really like the look of the oldfashioned 3D embossed labels, so I finally gave in and got one of those things and some rolls of tape.

So far I've labelled lots of things, though I spent the most time on labelling the pots of my new spice rack and then filling them with spices. It looks niiice.

In other domestic bliss news, I finally sold my terrarium this morning. Which means the spot on my chest of drawers is free at last and I can go to Ikea to buy something to put there. I want a booze cupboard, but sadly it's impossible to find something of the right size that has sliding doors, so I'll probably end up with a halfhigh, halfwide Billy with a door.
Erm. Bought 4 plastic crates to have more space for underwear. And 4 50-litre roller boxes for under the new bed. I need at least 2 more of those, but they didn't have more right now, so that can wait.
Why has my hindbrain suddenly decided that I need a dog? It did so by giving me the sudden urge to browse shelter adopt-a-dog pages. I wasn't really aware I was even doing it until I looked at this page and something inside me went "That dog. You need it."

(If you can't read Dutch, it's a 12 year old, but apparently still very fit and energetic, Border Collie. Surrendered because of allergies in a child)

Don't know why this specific dog yanked on my heartstrings so hard. Maybe because of the age, and the 'I have years of good living left' factor.

There are numerous reasons why I cannot have a dog, but I can't currently remember any of them.

Empty room

Jul. 2nd, 2008 12:19 pm
So housemate #1 has moved out on monday, and housemate #3 (the one we managed to pick just before I went sailing) will not move in for about another month.

This mean that we have an empty room. It has grey carpet and white walls. It is just begging for something to be done with it until housemate #3 comes and moves in.

So I'm taking suggestions. What should we do with the empty room? Keep in mind that it must be a) easily reversable, and b) cheap.

ideas so far:
- filling it with balloons (cheap but..)
- filling it with plastic balls (fun but not cheap)
- use it as hammock room (needs a hammock standard first though)

Active day

Dec. 17th, 2007 02:11 pm
Woke up from a very painful back - had trouble sleeping last night, so maybe I just turned around too often and strained some muscles. (it doesn't fill me with confidence that sleeping can have me in pain..). Had an appt with the physio at 9:15 anyway, and he crunched and massaged and improved things quite a bit. Then I did the crosstrainer for 10 minutes and rowed 2 km.
Then I felt active, so I did the windows in the stairhouse (it was our turn this weekend, but I was on my own. Hopefully I can get the housemates to do the sweeping and mopping, though I don't much feel like being the enforcer)
Then I hung up three posters in the common areas (all LotR, Eline and I figured we had that in common and I still had some from my old room), cleared the table, did the dishes, and cleaned the catbox.
That's a pretty unprecedented spell of activity from me, and all before 2 pm. Now if only I could get the attentionspan to do uni work..
So it turns out that both my housemates like Christmas music, and have leaked their cds into the kitchen. Help!

I am therefore striving to bake a Christmas cd of my own, with parody songs. I have the parodies of Mitch Benn, Tom Lehrer and Weird Al. I could use some help in finding parody or just weird and alternative christmas music. Any recommendations?

In other news, Moz has definitely figured out the food ring, he just prefers whinging 'cause it's simpler. It's usually a good deal emptier by morning. It also makes feeding a much simpler affair because it does away with standard feeding times.
I have an apartment, it has stuff in the kitchen... foodstuffs and cooking stuffs. Not to an extend that I could cook a real meal without going shopping, but still.
I have a bed and a table and a closet. And a washingmachine that doesn't work yet. My room currently has three walls (it's the livingroom, and my dad is going to put in a light wall to make it into a real room)
I have my laptop set up with speakers so I can listen music - I'm still pondering whether to set up the pc (it has all my recent work on it) or stick with the laptop as it's the only one that can be online right now.

Things I still need:
- A lazy chair
- things to hang on the walls
- my lamps hung up
- blendy choppy mixy machine
- herbs and spices
- teaspoons

My brother and Marijke are coming back in a bit and we'll have dinner together, and I'll do some more shopping for standard stuff. I need to do a lot of unpacking and there's some more stuff to do before I'm fully settled, but for now, life's pretty good :-)


Sep. 14th, 2007 11:24 pm
So, the real moving starts tomorrow morning. Meep.
Today we got the keys, did the whole official thing, brought over some stuff already. Set up my bed (I'm sleeping on the mattress at home... I guess that's 'at my parents' home from now on) and did lots of other stuff.

I also sorted out the big crate full of uni paperwork and notes.. gleefully tossed the Statistics notes into the paper bin. At some point I'll have a ritual burning, I think. Then I was exhausted and took a bath in nutmeggy smelling Lush stuff. It produced bubbles/foam dense enough that I could form balls...which I threw at the shower wall for a while... Yup, I'm easily entertained. Things would have been more entertaining had there been somebody to have a bubble-ball fight with, but still.
Move:  -3 days

We took my bed apart and to the garage to get painted. That brought the reality of moving awfully close, and the moving panic just set in. The 'Argh, I have all this stuff and I need to pack it in the next few days' panic. Not to mention figuring out what I take and what I don't. Thank God my parents don't mind if for now I take what I want in the new place, and come back later to chuck and store what I don't immediately need. That makes this slightly easier.
But there's so much to arrange, and I'm easily overwhelmed at the moment (not quite sure if I can blame my back for that or if I'm just a bit low-stress-tolerance right now). I'm looking forward to having moved; I really just really wish I could skip the bit of actually doing the moving.
As I am packing books and sorting them into 'take with' and 'store' boxes, I was reminded that I have a really neat book here that I wouldn't mind selling. It's a copy of the 1997 Limited Edition (run of 1000) Lord of the Rings. Not only is it very, very pretty (that (borrowed) photo doesn't do it justice) but it is at 10 years old in as-new condition.

Amazon describes:
"A luxury edition of the world's most collectable book, printed on Bible paper, bound in cloth and leather, and set in a cloth-bound slipcase. [...] This deluxe edition contains the complete text of the revised Second Edition, first published in 1994. Bound in black leather and cloth and protected in its own cloth-bound slipcase, the book is printed on fine India paper, making it much slimmer than its standard hardback counterpart. The book includes Christopher Tolkien's two-colour maps of Middle-earth and Gondor as endpapers and is limited to a print run of just 1,000 copies."

Does anyone have any good ideas as to selling it? I don't much like ebay (and I don't have paypal) and I don't know how selling via Amazon works. I have no idea where else I would come into contact with people who appreciate special versions of the book, and I could use some suggestions.
(Of course, any Tolkien geek reading this who is interested is welcome to contact me.)

Moving On

Jul. 21st, 2007 09:50 am
So, I found a room in Wageningen - I'm moving in the first week of August. It's in the central shopping street above one of the shops, in a house with 6 or 7 other renters... mostly young working people. It's not exactly the kind of house that I set out for, and the room is smaller than I planned for, but the housing/room market is tight, so I was fortunate to have found something in the first place. I'm not completely sure I'll settle well there, but I suppose if I don't, I could always start looking again. I expect that the first move into there will be the most work, after that the amounts of crap would probably be culled sufficiently to make subsequent moves easier.

On the plus side, the room is nice and light, if rather small. And there's a lovely dog living downstairs that I intend to make friends with. On the down side, the shower is inside the kitchen (??) and I suspect cleaning of kitchen and bathroom may well be a problem. I spent a year being the person who either nagged or did it herself - I'm not looking for a repeat.

Ah well, see how it goes.



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