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Nov. 25th, 2009 09:52 pm
Urgh. I bottled Brynn on the 6th of this month, after it had been stable for ages - and now there are flakes in the bottles and the one bottle I opened had a bit of pressure. Aaaargh!

I'm not 100% sure if I added potassium sorbate to this lot (didn't write it down if I did). This is my most promising batch so far, so I want to be careful with it. What's the best option?

1) open, add PS, close, wait, transfer to new bottles in a week or so
2) open, transfer to new bottles
3) put in fridge, transfer to new bottles later
4) put in fridge for a while, pretend the sediment doesn't bother me
5) something else?
I've been doing lots of measuring and updated the mead blog
Like, in the bottle. Not good!

Unhappy moment today as a loud POP! was heard from the wooden chest where the bottles live, and pink mead started to pour over the floor. One of the bottles of my C batch (blueberry melomel) had spat out its cork and emptied out. Damn! Besides it being a shame to lose 0.75l of what promised to become nice mead, I am now also worried about the rest of the batch. I transferred the other bottles to the fridge to cool down until I know what to do, but that isn't going to work long term.

The batch was completely stable for 2 or 3 weeks, then has Kalium Sorbate added, left for another week, showed no signs of life in any way, and was then bottled. The D batch got the same treatment.

I have no cool space to store the bottles. I live in a shared apartment so there just isn't space. They're at room temp - which is reasonably warm at the moment as it's warm outside. (odd though that it spat now, and not a few days ago when it was way warmer. Good though as I was on holiday and wouldn't have found it until days later)

What do I do? Open them all up? Add more Kalium Sorbate? The cork that got spat was pretty crappy, I wonder if that may have contributed. Anyway, halp!
I made two new mead batches last night, one of them with cacao in there. And then this morning I woke up to an 'accident'...
My C and D batch both had very heavy fermentation at first, and kept going at a pretty hefty rate. They had slowed down to about 6 sec/bubble, so I thought they'd be robust enough to rack (My A batch slowed down almost to a halt after racking, so I was a little worried about it). Sadly since racking on sunday they have both been completely still. There seems to be *some* pressure in the airlock (water level is not even) but it's been 48 hours and nothing is happening. C is from May 27, D from June 4 - as far as I can tell it's too early for either of them to be ready.

What are my options? Energiser? Yeast? Both?
The 'patience, padawan' camp was right - this morning Alexis is bubbling away at about 8 seconds/bubble. I guess I was just worried because most of what I've read about pitching mentions foaming/bubbling starting almost right away.
Started the first batch of mead today. I had real trouble getting the yeast starter to get going and it never did so convincingly. Consequently after I've added it to the protomead and put it in a demijohn, it's unenthusiastic to say the least. As I write this I've had it standing for at least 5 hours (warm side of room temp and dark) and it's not bubbled once. There's not even a head on it apart from some leftover foam from funnelling it in. I hope it'll start overnight. If not, how could I get it going?
(It's in the windowsill because that's the only place I have space, but it's a north window so no sun, and I've wrapped the demijohn in cloth to keep it dark)

Anyway, meet Alexis )



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