1) I broke the record in finding a new housemate - 5 days - and she seems very nice
2) We are getting a dryer YAY BOUNCE this is going to make life so much easier over winter
3) It is now cool enough that I can use my HWB again (which is good because my back needs it)
4) my cat is still awwdorable
5) OrkneyTrek :-) Hopefully the weather will be better though...

Happy Post

Jul. 24th, 2010 11:15 pm
Burn Party: ritual burning of meat, soy and university paperwork. We went to the river, dragging a bbq and firewood and lots of food & some booze with us, and ate yummy things and then made a lovely little fire and I burned a stack of uni paperwork, just copies of things and notes and general accumulation of I-better-save-that-they-might-want-it-later. Pages curled beautifully and we read words as they disappeared.

It was lovely and peaceful and fun and burning all those things felt very freeing. There's other happiness contributing factors too, (among others, [livejournal.com profile] sessifet25 is here) and I just sat there and felt utterly happy. And I thought I should post about that.
Apparently I was so out of it by the time I got home yesterday that I left a shopping bag in the bus. I have never done this and the idea baffles me but it isn't anywhere in the house and I know I had it while I was on the bus. Damnit, that was €45 worth of stuff I need...
Customer service says it wasn't handed in. Mope.
Jelmer and Tam came over to meet the cats, have a Firefly marathon and drink the gin I still had in the cupboard from... 2 years ago? I think it was left from Karen's leaving do. I don't drink gin, so this was a fortunate arragement

That works:

Jun. 4th, 2010 09:21 pm
I saved the fruit from the graduation liquors. And I just dumped it.. in the blender. With vanilla ice cream.

Ohhh... Deadly.

Games meet

May. 31st, 2010 01:03 pm
Long trek together with Jelmer and Tam to Xhoffraix.Driving went fine, the 3 hamsters under the hood of the Wagon R did need some encouragement to get us up the longer hills...
Meet was lovely, lots of people, games, some very nice weather early on the saturday, enough room to get away when the lots of people became too-many-people. Hugged [livejournal.com profile] sessifet25 . A lot. Had a very fun Eurovision party with lots of booze. I liked Greece, Belgium, France. I liked Germany too but I wasn't expecting it to win - I had it in the sweepstakes, so that was nice :-)
My favourite idea was to make the wind machines controlled by text messages, so that if enough people texted 'wind' to a special number the machines could rise to gale force and blow the singers off stage. Wouldn't that be fun?
I could have done without all the fat jokes about some of the singers. FFS, at least they're not just picking people out of a model catalogue and sticking the real singer into the background.
I thought this was the very best moment:

They got a do-over - though I thought he kept going admirably!
Maybe my current irritation is based in The World (tm) flooding me with something that isn't relevant or even very particularly interesting to me (UK election) but completely bypassing something that is very relevant and interesting to me. Maybe if I write about it? Maybe if I say 'World, this Thing happened, and this is why it's significant and worthy of a little attention' that will help make me feel better?

That Thing would be May 4 & 5. Rememberance Day and Liberation Day. Even to most of the Netherlands it's not a big deal. 2 minutes silence on 4, and some festivities on 5 May.

Except here in Wageningen. This place goes upside down. First at midnight on May 4 the 'Liberation fire' was lit here and then spread overnight by 150 runners and cyclists to cities throughout the country. I heard them pass until deep into the night, but it was hard to be annoyed about it really. If you're about to run god knows how far into the night while carrying an oil lamp, you're allowed to cheer. Even at 1:30am while passing under my window.

Then May 5. I posted about it last year. Picture those photos with better weather and at least double the crowd. It was massive. There were 18 stages throughout the city centre, playing pretty much any music you'd care to hear. (so um, no rap. As far as I know. But I didn't see all the stages). And a bunch of unofficial performances - one really neat one in main street, where one of the houses above shop level had set up amps on their balcony and someone gave a lovely performance on that perfect stage.
There were roughly 100 000 visitors. Considering this is a town of 36 000 normally... 
The parade was lovely again. Lump-in-throat moment was the man who was flanked by two first aiders, leaning very heavily, but clearly taking great pride in walking the route instead of riding in one of the vehicles. If he wasn't deaf already, he may have gone deaf from the applause. It's a sad thought that it will have been the last time here for several of them. It always is...
We had a HUGE Canadian contingent this time - in addition to the vets and their families (which is always a big group to begin with) at least a hundred sec schoolers had come over, for some sort of living history project I think? Couldn't find that out.

Snow and [livejournal.com profile] troo came over, and we had a great afternoon walking around, listening to music, and then came back here to watch the parade from my balcony. Then sadly they had to leave early. But still, it was really nice to have someone to experience it with - made me feel less like I make up the crazyness that is Lib day where I live.

Oh, I don't know why I wrote this. Maybe just because I feel it's significant and merits a little airspace amidst all the election stuff going on?

Tired Now

Apr. 24th, 2010 09:58 pm
Elf Fair today. I liked how my outfit turned out (photos to follow), though the jacket was too warm for such a gorgeous day and I carried it a part of the time. Peoplewatched. Caught up with Nath. Got rather dehydrated and over-sunned. Tired now.
I found the recipe for a bread starter - it's one of those things where you get (or make) a starter, feed it, and after 10 days you give away 3 parts and bake a bread.
Except it's not really a bread. I surmised this from the eggs and the sugar in the final recipe (it is called bread though). It smelled wonderful when baking (smelled of proper bakery) and I'm trying a piece now and it is... cake-bread-brioche HELL IF I KNOW.

It's tasty, though not sweet enough to properly be cake and not bready enough for bread. It tastes... undecided. I think raisins might improve it as that'll tip the balance toward sweet.

WEIRD though.

Edit: it's pretty much this recipe though  I went a lot lower on the oil (blech) and didn't do cinnamon - figured I'd make one plain first, but it would probably be really nice. Next one with cinnamon and raisins I think.


Jan. 31st, 2010 03:34 pm
I finally got to see the hunting tower in Horwich, bit of a fraught climb as the steps were icy (down was eeky) but a great view up there. I am clearly very Dutch and went "Eee! High hill! Far views!"
Then we went down the not-a-road in the Landrover (which could try out for a dry river bedding with extra stones) and then, because it was fun, we barrelled back UP it again, and I couldn't stop grinning for a while after that.



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