So, my feet are almost always lumps of ice in the evening. Probably this has to do with the Fibro. I bought a footwarmer, basically an electric blanket made into a vaguely feet-shaped sack. And life was good. 
My footwarmer broke last month and went back to the shop on March 16 and couldn't be repaired (heard that on April 6), so they've ordered a new one, but that could take 'Weeks' because it's not the season. (Added grumble sledgehammer about employee being an ass about my wanting a footwarmer outside of 'the season'. MY FEET ARE COLD and they do not care if it's winter or spring, okay?) Apparently the replacement has to be shipped from China.
Yesterday I found that Wehkamp have footwarmers ready to ship, so today I asked the shop to cancel the order and just give me the money back so I could get one from Wehkamp. They won't return money, I can only get back store credit. I am pretty sure they are not allowed to do this. I printed the info Jelmer found for me, I put on my best grownup pants and went to the shop and reasoned calmly and reasonable and referring to the laws for 20 fucking minutes, and all this time some smug asshole just stands there telling me that he won't, just won't, it's not his problem, he won't read the printout, he does not care, it's just not going to happen. At one time he even started in on giving me back less store credit because the product was used for half a year.

Update... as I rant this onto paper he calls, says that head office says that even though it's not the usual procedure he's been told to apologise and return the money, because it could take months for the replacement to get here. That had to be the least sincere apology I have ever received. And now I need to go back to the shop and face this guy that made me incoherent and shaky and teary (only afterward thankfully) and I don't want to.

Also I'd like to stop shaking now.

So! Kids, don't buy anything at Expert, they treated me like I was trying to swindle them and they're twats that exhibit less care for customer service than the iceberg that sank Titanic.



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