Stuff these days comes in all kinds of packaging. Jars, bottles, pots, boxes, plastic contraptions of doom. Now most of you will know that I have somewhat less strength and dexterity in my hands than most people have... so sometimes opening stuff is a problem. And often I search to buy the stuff that looks like I can actually get the packaging open. [when I was doing by STCW training the instructor had only one arm. We shared a grouse about 'can't get this fscking thing open'.]
That said, I really regret child-proof bottles, and blister packaging. Especially that last. Some of this stuff comes in contraptions than can be opened by nothing short of a hacksaw. Idea for the packaging industry: if I need to go shop powertools to get it open your packaging SUCKS!
One of the results of increasing globalism is an increase of all things American coming over to this here neck of the woods. Sometimes that's a good thing - Subways, Ben and Jerry's, Firefly, many good TV and films in general. Some of it is less welcome - disclaimer and claim culture, McDonalds overtaking FEBOs, and Christmas overtaking Sinterklaas.

One thing in particular bothers this journaller about American style Christmas - the hideous decorations people feel they need to put in gardens and on balconies. Things that blink, coloured lights in barely recognisable Santa Claus, reindeer and sled shapes. The sheer tacky hideousness of it all can make one violently aggressive.

Arwen really regrets being prohibited by Dutch law to own a double-barelled shotgun.


Dec. 20th, 2006 09:58 am
I have a laptop that runs XP... and occasionally asks for updating. Just now I clicked "*sigh* Okay then"

I regret Internet Explorer 7


Dec. 19th, 2006 10:35 pm
Arwen regrets Rita Verdonk
After the example of The Stranger Regrets

Arwen regrets the Spanish language.



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