1) Tijgje is awwdorable
2) Yesterday the weather was lovely and summery
3) I did two loads of laundry - mostly bedding - and could dry it all outside
4) We now have a dryer for when it's not lovely outside
5) Sailing lessons keep getting cancelled because of no wind - wait, that's not the happy thing: when we do manage to go out onto the river, I am doing really well and I feel like I have fair boat control and it no longer freaks me out. I'm still not good at the skipper part - making decisions and telling the jib handler what to do, but hey, it's coming.
6) I really like my new housemate L
7) The order with empty perfume spray bottles arrived yesterday and now I have BPAL sprays, which is far easier to use (and to transport) than oils.
8) I have just tidied and folded and put away the backlog of laundry.

Tired Now

Apr. 24th, 2010 09:58 pm
Elf Fair today. I liked how my outfit turned out (photos to follow), though the jacket was too warm for such a gorgeous day and I carried it a part of the time. Peoplewatched. Caught up with Nath. Got rather dehydrated and over-sunned. Tired now.
I found the recipe for a bread starter - it's one of those things where you get (or make) a starter, feed it, and after 10 days you give away 3 parts and bake a bread.
Except it's not really a bread. I surmised this from the eggs and the sugar in the final recipe (it is called bread though). It smelled wonderful when baking (smelled of proper bakery) and I'm trying a piece now and it is... cake-bread-brioche HELL IF I KNOW.

It's tasty, though not sweet enough to properly be cake and not bready enough for bread. It tastes... undecided. I think raisins might improve it as that'll tip the balance toward sweet.

WEIRD though.

Edit: it's pretty much this recipe though  I went a lot lower on the oil (blech) and didn't do cinnamon - figured I'd make one plain first, but it would probably be really nice. Next one with cinnamon and raisins I think.



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