I know a few other people use TinyFox - did the latest update give you a really weird transparent and unusuable browser too?
Earlier today I managed to dump my 0.5 litre mug full of hot sweet tea over my MS Natural keyboard. And desk. And floor. And self. Urgh.
I might be able to clean and fix it, but that will take a few days. My backup is an older model of the same keyboard, which I like a lot less, and turns out not to work anymore. I am now using a horrible straight plank as emergency backup. I apologise for worse than usual tyoping. 

Thing is, I need a new one anyway so I have a backup, ideally I'd love another 'natural multimedia keyboard' like I was using, but nobody sells them anymore. Should have stockpiled while I could, just as I did with mice!

I know I have some split-geekboard keys split-keyboard geeks among you lot - does anyone know a source for cheap MS natural boards? I need QWERTY in US layout, so with @ above 2. Alternatively, any other boards that are decent and don't cost the world? I can't afford the newest MS Natural (45€!). Anything proclaiming to be ergonomic because it's curved or waved isn't useful to me, it has to be split. Wireless is no added value for me.


Mar. 12th, 2010 06:45 pm
PC infected. Feck! I think there may have been a 'you must reboot to update AVG' today - which I did, stupidly, but AVG doesn't need rebooting I think. Then there was an authenic looking AVG popup that said 'this site is not safe' or however it words it. While I was in fact on a perfectly legit site I visit often. I clicked OK. It directed me to a tredols.com site with an spl.php and now does that every time I go to that site.

It's this shit

Halp! AVG is not finding it and neither is Hitman Pro. What do I doooooo *wail*

Edit: four different scans haven't found anything. The site that had the problem is down 'due to problems' now so I suspect it may be a problem on their side. Thanks for the suggestions.
Upgrade disc arrived. Got it going last night - I started the actual upgrading between 00.00 and 00.30. Left it on overnight (new machine is soooo nice and quiet) It is now 13.52 and it's at 64%.

This is on a brand new machine that had only ever been turned on once since its vista install - I gave it a name and made a user account. That's it.

Something tells me this is not right..


Jan. 30th, 2010 09:22 pm
Birthday gift to self - new netbook! It'll replace the late great Acer One (which is now with Pol, who can deal with its OS weirdness) and my elderly Acer laptop. It has a honking massive battery - bit over the top for my regular use, so I shall see if I can find a cheapish 4-cell battery for normal use. I'm very happy with it so far - I've really missed having a mobile writing device since I started writing again :-) 


Jan. 19th, 2010 11:23 am
Now there's a shiny new super fast computer sitting next to my desk being useless while I await its upgrade, the slowness and loudness of the Fishtank is even more annoying than it already was...


Jan. 14th, 2010 05:57 pm
New 'puter. Aspire M5201. Now to get everything across from the Fishtank.

Also, brain full of treacle.

Edit: things I do not want to see on my shiny new Windows 7 pc: BLOODY VISTA! That's right, it has Vista on. Will be calling the shop tomorrow to ask how they intend to remedy that. Grrrr.
OK, so the Acer Aspire X5810 isn't suitable because not upgradable. Two options that seem suitable to me follow. Please your pros/cons/that brand is shit/etc for the following:

Acer Aspire M3203
AMD Athlon II X4 620
4gb RAM
1 tb HD
ATI Radeon HD4650 1gb
Dual Layer DVD/rewriter/blu-ray player
Win 7

HP Pavilion P6130
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200
1 tb HD
DVD/RW supermulti whatever
ATI Radeon HD4350
Win Vista with Win 7 upgrade

I have no clue how the processors compare. I think I understand that the Acer's videocard is better. The DVD drive isn't a priority. Firewire is nice but not hugely important. Both are at local shops and cost the same. Your opinionating is very welcome.
This is driving me nuts! For the past few weeks I've received 5-10 of the exact same spam a day.

Title: Thank you for setting the order No.475456
Dear Customer!

Thank you for ordering at our online store.
Your order: Sony VAIO A1133651A, was sent at your address.
The tracking number of your postal parcel is indicated in the document attached to this letter.
Please, print out the postal label for receiving the parcel.

Internet Store.

attachement: nz.zip

I have created filter rule after filter rule, and now have 3 rules, using different parameters (underlined), which I've copied in case of hidden characters. They should NOT be able to let this pass, but still it ends up in my inbox. Frustration is me.

Anyone else getting this shit? Any ideas?

New Phone

Jun. 24th, 2009 01:31 pm
I'm having a nice long runup to picking a new phone, which is good because I suck at decisiveness! Needs:

- Low to mid price region (I have a very low subscription and am not willing/able to put down a lump sum)
- decent camera
- either a normal full keyboard or a touchscreen full keyboard
- capable of Teh Internets
- Ideally I'd like it to be able to display word and/or pdf files so I can read a book on it. Not sure if this is an illusion in this price range
- One of the larger brands (for reasons of 'I always forget my charger')

I'm currently thinking about the Nokia E63 (full keyboard) and the Samsung Star (S5230) (touchscreen) which I guess just shows that I don't know what I want! Any insights?
OK, I bought my neighbour's (Martijn) old PC. Sound always worked fine. He disconnected it a few weeks ago because he got a fancy mac. I got it last week and plugged it in. Since then, the pc dumps the soundcard (Creative SB Audigy) with every reboot. Or rather, it still shows up as installed and working fine, but doesn't work at all. I dump the drivers and reinstall it, and it works. until the next reboot.

Reinstalling the soundcard every morning is getting old. Martijn is working on ideas of what this could be and how to fix it, but I'd love some input from my friendslist. Anyone?

Edit to add: oddly enough, when we physically took out the soundcard, the pc wouldn't use the inbuilt-soundcard-on-the-motherboard either. It had exactly the same problem.
1) iTunes woes
OK, I have about 40 gig of music and have been using iTunes for years. So I have playlists and ratings that I wouldn't want to lose, there's a lot of work in there.
All my music needs to be moved to a different partition on my pc. I naïvely thought this was a simple matter of moving the files and then telling iTunes 'O hai, this is the new location of the files' and it would match up files to itunes listings, but of course it's not that simple.
I don't use the itunes music folder (though itunes itself has stuck some music in there) but all music used to be in D:\music and is now in F:\music - part of it uncatagorised and part of it in folders by artist. When I tried 'consolidating' itunes only moved its own folders across to the new location, not the (much larger) \music folder.

You can change the path to the 'itunes music folder location' under edit>preferences>advances, but when I change that to F:\music that doesn't actually do anything. When you hit shift on startup you get the option of changing libraries or starting a new one, but that actually refers to a library file - (a .ilf), not to a folder containing music. I copied the existing .ilf file in the old location to the new one and tried opening it from there, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. If I start a new library, I basically start a new blank itunes. GRR!

Any solutions? Is there a way of just dumping all the music into a newly started library, and then copying across settings, ratings and playlists from the old incarnation?

2) Keyboard/language settings
I know there is a solution for this, but I've forgotten it - what is the language/keyboard combination that gives me US international keysetting without the ' in reserve function? Standard Dutch setting keeps ' and " in reserve (they don't appear on keystroke) in case you're following with a letter that needs an accent. Since I never use accents this means I end up with endless amounts of ç and ó and é and ü and ë that I don't want. Very annoying. I thought I had it fixed but it keeps resetting itself, so I must have missed a language or keyboard setting somewhere. Anyone remember what it is?


Oct. 3rd, 2008 11:13 am
I'm writing this fully expecting the connection to have died by the time I want to post it..


So, connection trouble. Yesterday morning the nets were generally bizarre in that some sites would display and others would not. Turned out to be an ISP side problem. That was solved about midday, but from there on we could not get connection at all - or it would be restricted, or it would drop after a minute.

This morning it was still the same. I called the helpdesk and they checked the line & the guy could see the modem. He thought there was a problem with assigning network addresses. He had me do a hard reset and there was indeed internet after that... I thanked him and hung up.. and 10 minutes later it had dropped again.

I am writing this post in notepad and will reset the fucking modem again in a minute and try to post this in the brief window of connectivity. Anybody who has good ideas to fix this? Both the wired and the wireless computers are having the same problem.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:42 am
Hmm, when I took the tinyshinylaptop to uni to work on it, using the uni desktops to post this wasn't really part of the plan!

Sadly the school wifi networks require all kinds of options that the Linpus OS simply does not offer, like automagically assigned WEP key, PEAP verification and globalsign root CA. Whatever these things may be.

Are there programs that could be installed to expand the options that the connection manager has? I am digging through the currently available stuff about the OS, which is limited to start with, and there's a fairly big wall of "Just install Ubuntu!" whenever people ask questions like these. I currently feel like I'm far enough out of my depth as it is :-)



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