A good day

Feb. 7th, 2011 08:52 pm
This morning I was at the stable at 10 because the equine dentist was coming. Rowan didn't need any work, which was nice. It was very sunny (hurt-my-eyes sunny in fact) and though it was cold and windy too I enjoyed being outside for a while to lunge-work the powney. I rode bareback for about 10 minutes too - only to walk him out, but he was solid and I felt safe on his back (which isn't a given these days, pain makes me a little apprehensive) and it was nice.
Then I went by the garden centre because the sun is making the MUST GROW THINGS part of my brain wake up. Must grow things! Sadly there is planned work on the gallery and thus the ledge must stay cleared of things.. the work was projected to be finished by early april but there's been a lot of delay with the bad weather, so there's actually a reasonable chance I won't be able to put anything outside until well into May. Boooo! Mum keeps saying I should grow things at her place, but that means I'd miss out on all the actually watching things grow, and by the time the plants could be here on the ledge a lot of it would be far too large and heavy to move.
1) Tentative schedule for the shower situation is: seal and reshape tomorrow, tiling saturday, sealing again on sunday, drying on monday, back in use on tuesday.

2) I have about 900 teabags now. *hugs Karen and Ali*

Happy Post

Jul. 24th, 2010 11:15 pm
Burn Party: ritual burning of meat, soy and university paperwork. We went to the river, dragging a bbq and firewood and lots of food & some booze with us, and ate yummy things and then made a lovely little fire and I burned a stack of uni paperwork, just copies of things and notes and general accumulation of I-better-save-that-they-might-want-it-later. Pages curled beautifully and we read words as they disappeared.

It was lovely and peaceful and fun and burning all those things felt very freeing. There's other happiness contributing factors too, (among others, [livejournal.com profile] sessifet25 is here) and I just sat there and felt utterly happy. And I thought I should post about that.
These marketing guys got it right

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