1) Tentative schedule for the shower situation is: seal and reshape tomorrow, tiling saturday, sealing again on sunday, drying on monday, back in use on tuesday.

2) I have about 900 teabags now. *hugs Karen and Ali*
1) I broke the record in finding a new housemate - 5 days - and she seems very nice
2) We are getting a dryer YAY BOUNCE this is going to make life so much easier over winter
3) It is now cool enough that I can use my HWB again (which is good because my back needs it)
4) my cat is still awwdorable
5) OrkneyTrek :-) Hopefully the weather will be better though...
I finally made some photos! Gallery with more pics is here

Some things are going like a bat outta hell (tomatoes mostly) and other things are going so slow (the cocktail pepper especially) that I doubt I will have any kind of harvest unless the summer is very long. I definitely need to order seed and start things off a lot earlier next year. Maybe order seed around my birthday and start seeding early to half Feb... I looked back and seeded on March 13 this time. Means I need to set things up differently inside so I can actually house larger seedlings. That's not going to be easy with the cats! They eat seedlings and consider the windowsills theirs. Better get a propagator with a tall and very sturdy lid..


Apr. 20th, 2010 04:43 pm
I managed to psych myself up enough to go into the Expert shop (it took some loud music) and got my money back.
The guy I dealt with last week walked by with some boxes and looked decidedly unhappy to see me. I suspect he got a sound slap from head office, or he would not have backed down.

I am thinking about complaining to head office anyway, but I'm not sure what I want out of it and if I care to expend the energy.

My new footwarmer arrived on friday. Yay warm feet.


Jan. 4th, 2009 12:01 am
I'm back home. Had a great time in Manchester. Thought I was fully stocked up on snuggles, but feeling a bit of shiny person withdrawl right now all the same...

Please excuse me while I try to remember what this normal life thing entails..


Feb. 5th, 2008 12:27 pm
Cold and wet weather here lately. I still haven't quite figured out the heating settings in my room. I'll have to buy a thermometer.

Had a good weekend - S was here and we watched films, tried out chairs (*), ate Eritrean food, went to the zoo, and had lots of fun.
He went home again monday morning early, and I went to the Trends&Issues class I am following this block, which was rather interesting. I already found a classmate to work with, so I am passably optimistic about things. Sadly when I came home I was drained and I collapsed.

*) A rather upmarket shop close by here has a range of Stokke chairs that I wanted to try out, but felt too awkward to go in. We went together and I found out that I desperately want the Stokke Thatsit Balans as it would be an utterly perfect desk chair for me. Sadly it costs about a 1000 euro. Bum.
Have been in the UK since Thursday night to visit Simon and mutually cash in a load of snuggle IOUs.. they don't cancel out, you see.

We've been to see Stardust (which I liked without reservation, not having read the book) and watched silly films, and yesterday we went to Warwick castle, where everything costs money but where they also have the biggest trebuchet in the world (? I think it was the world). Which was awesome. We attempted a video clip of it firing, I'll have to see if that worked out. I've read the first two books of Sandman and now waaaaant to read the third, which S doesn't have here.

I'm generally feeling okayish - new pain meds do take the edge of, but I feel a bit sluggish and don't seem to be able to keep up a normal body temperature. I'm almost constantly cold. Now this flat is a bit poorly isolated, but it doesn't seem right. Am I not moving enough or something? I'd assume so if I hadn't done quite a bit of walking yesterday.

I'm flying back tomorrow morning early.. :-(
I got to the clinic.. waited for a long time.. was seen by the surgeon, who was all optimistic about helping me. After that a form and to the assistant. Who discovered that yes, my BMI is under the 32 I was told was the limit.. but for hernia operations actually the limit is 30. No discussion possible.

I went home.

So I just spend 3 of the suckier weeks of my life waiting.. for nothing. I've called the spine poli and since they are responsible for the misinformation, asked them to arrange a consul with the hospital (Rijnstate) that can also do this procedure, ASAP. I hope to hear from them today, but I don't think so.

Somewhere in my head I'm very, very angry. I just can't really feel it.
The house is slowly growing more like living than camping.. I have various mats and hooks and general handy things. I also have a nice chair from the second hand shop and some more kitchen things. Tomorrow the 4th wall is being put into my room and after that's done (and painted) I can really put my stuff into the room.

Been to the spine docs this morning... it's going to be surgery. I can have the endoscopic op I wanted and they can do it quite soon (matter of weeks). I've learned to live with the idea of an operation some time ago - even that of an oldfashioned cut-it-open style surgery, so overall this is nothing but good news; the only annoying thing that that 6 weeks of recovery/keep calm/no driving/as little sitting as possible still stands.


Sep. 10th, 2007 08:08 pm
I had a really nice weekend.

Now I'm trying not to think about a ship in Portsmouth that's signing on its crew as I write this..
Having had no result from the first injection session, I had Mackenzie therapy today. The therapist thought that there might be some hope in getting me improvement and discussed with one of the docs. The therapy looks mildly optimistic - it's not something he can't do anything with. And I got a new injection straight away.

This has gone some way toward boosting my morale about this whole thing. I've had a lot of pain these past few weeks. It's pretty exhausting.


Aug. 12th, 2007 12:02 am
[cut long whinge about being at home, bored, aching, and burned out on writing]

I guess in the end I have a problem with feeling purposeless, and I'm working on that. I always have to feel like I've accomplished something at the end of the day.

It kind of sucks that I'm wanting the summer holiday to be over already. Hasn't turned out to be much of a summer for me..
Well, that was no big deal. He gave me a load of little injections that mostly felt weird, like he was injecting little bits of lead. At some point I could feel the nerve in my leg start to pull. Then one larger injection with something numbing. All the while he asks if I'm okay with the pain. Hell, having my tattoages hurt more. So I asked "When comes the scary part?" - "I just did that."


Now I'm going to keep very very calm and hope that this will work. If I have no difference at all (in 2 weeks, it can take a while to have full effect) then I'm onto the surgery list. If it has some effect, I can get another injection. Ideal case is that the pain is gone. Sounds good to me.
Thanks for all the support. You guys are wonderful. No doubt about it.

Went to the spine clinic doc today. Clearly defined and broad hernia, etc etc. [1] Manual manipulation not possible/productive and we're going to try an injection into the nerve, hopefully calming it down so that the hernia has the chance to heal. That's planned for the 7th. If it doesn't work out, I get another go 2 weeks later.
If that doesn't work out (apparently the injections work for about half the cases) then it's on to surgery. The endoscopic treatment is an option, yes, but that clinic is picky about patients (they're not a hospital and apparently their anaesthetists don't like to do 'risk patients') so I might be too heavy for that. In that case we might have to search for a hospital that will do the procedure. In that case he recommends - and I agree - that we'd have to think long and hard before moving on to a traditional hernia operation.

Anyone know a way to quickly loose 25 kilo that doesn't involve cutting off a limb? [2]

1] they gave me the disc with the MRI. I seeeee my insides... Very cool.
2] But let's just hope that the injection works first time. It just sounds very scary, even though the doc said it's not a big deal. He's good, explains well and very reassuring. I definitely feel in good hands there.
So here's that some-more-details post...

The MRI made last week apparently showed a very clearly defined and broad hernia in lumbar 5. The chiropractor (who has helped me into the back-related medical track and done so excellently) already decided that his adjustments made a minimal difference, and that I need other treatment. He is sending me to the spine-policlinic in Velp, where an orthopedic doctor will evaluate me and probably recommend I tried Mckenzie therapy. The chiro doesn't expect this to touch the problem, but it's a matter of trying all paths, because the next step is surgery.
Traditional hernia surgery is very drastic and often worse than the problem, so they're very reluctant about that these days. However the chiro knows an Orthopedic surgeon who works with an endoscopic method of fixing hernia problems, which is much less risky and could well solve my problems. My type of hernia is apparently well suited to this treatment, so I'm now on the fast track toward that.

So basically the problem is bad, but the long-term outlook is pretty good because I could have this treatment as fast as this autumn. I guess that's some gravy with this load of bricks.

The following things will happen as normal unless my situation gets worse: sailing meet (dinghy should be fine, it's the mast climbing and line hauling I can't do), London weekend (I'll just book a return flight and I'm set) and moving house.

I'm gutted about not being able to sail, especially since it was going to be my first watchleader experience and I was going to arrange for [livejournal.com profile] wingnut to be in my watch ;-)
Once I'm a little more used to the idea of what's life going to be like for the forseeable future, I may go looking for another sort of holiday, even if only for a week. Something workshoppy or something.

No Sailing

Jul. 23rd, 2007 07:38 pm
Very serious hernia. Will have to cancel my sailing voyages...

Moving On

Jul. 21st, 2007 09:50 am
So, I found a room in Wageningen - I'm moving in the first week of August. It's in the central shopping street above one of the shops, in a house with 6 or 7 other renters... mostly young working people. It's not exactly the kind of house that I set out for, and the room is smaller than I planned for, but the housing/room market is tight, so I was fortunate to have found something in the first place. I'm not completely sure I'll settle well there, but I suppose if I don't, I could always start looking again. I expect that the first move into there will be the most work, after that the amounts of crap would probably be culled sufficiently to make subsequent moves easier.

On the plus side, the room is nice and light, if rather small. And there's a lovely dog living downstairs that I intend to make friends with. On the down side, the shower is inside the kitchen (??) and I suspect cleaning of kitchen and bathroom may well be a problem. I spent a year being the person who either nagged or did it herself - I'm not looking for a repeat.

Ah well, see how it goes.



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