Had just gone to my parents' house because dad and I would then go see Horse.. about on arrival there I was called by the building maintenance company that the shop downstairs reported a leak and could I be home to let a fixy person in. Cancel horse plans and return home.. nice guy is now scratching his head because it sure isn't anything visible and/or accessible.. which means that whatever is wrong is probably wrong inside the walls! Yaywootfun.

Update: now have three guys in the loo searching for a leak
Two people taking their two giant breed dogs for walkies - mastiff types I think - and pushing along a litter of giant puppies in a shopping cart. Cute socialisation walk :-)
What with insomnia and cruddy sleep patterns, I didn't really fall asleep until about 3 am. So when someone rang the doorbell at 7:30 this morning I was not the happiest bunny in the world. Turned out to be one of the upstairs neighbours though, quite upset because her cat had jumped off the balcony, and could she look from my (lowest level) balcony if she saw the cat on the ledge?

I was quite ready to say 'there better be a fire' when I opened the door but I'm a sucker for cats in trouble, so let her in, through my still-dark bedroom, and to the balcony. Cat was sitting on the ledge looking okay. Huge relief. She climbed off the balcony onto the ledge, got the cat and handed him up to me. I put cat in the bedroom, where he wandered around yowling. Collected a kitchen chair and handed it down so she could get back up. managed to fish chair back up. Exit relieved neighbour and cat. Return to bed.
I went to the shop without a coat on! And I wore my deck shoes instead of my boots! And I wastn't cold!



Mar. 21st, 2010 01:02 am
I know I usually complain of the opposite, but it's 26 degrees in here. It's not that warm outside (and I am on the north side of the building anyway), the window has been open most of the day and the heating hasn't been on in weeks (if not months, actually)

WTF? I might need to think about getting my summer duvet out..
As a country we are SO ready for spring that today, while there is still snow and ice on the ground, I saw two convertibles with the top down. I mean sure, the sun is out, but... really??


May. 11th, 2009 08:05 pm
Weird thing: when you read fragments of a story that never quite took shape, and find yourself thinking "damn, I wish they would finish this"

and then you realise 'they' is you.
Hairdresser's anxiety much? I dreamed that I went to get a haircut (I need one ATM) and that I didn't notice until I came home afterward that they cut me a short pixie-cut and had dyed it a drab brown.
I went into the Free Record Shop on saturday (sadly the records do cost money!) with the wii fit. While I was waiting, I couldn't escape the large video screen playing a dvd of a Michael Jackson concert. It was... terrifying is a mild word. (I've just found that it was Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour 1992)
First of all, he wore black clothes with a gold.. bodysuit? type thing over it. With a crotch strap. Ew. Then there was the incredibly creepy and inappropriate touching of the female singer. Then they let a female fan on stage, who predictably went insane. She hugged him, he sang something that was supposed to sound sweet and tender while holding her. Then, during the song, she was supposed to leave but wouldn't, and was then bodily carried, crying and kicking and screeching, off the stage. All the while Jackson kept up that 'tender' song. Aww, how sweet!
Me and someone else were howling with laughter and disbelief at that point. Here's a little dude with a golden crotch strap and the plastic surgery budget of the GNP of a small nation, and these people go beserk for him. Oh go on, just watch it :-)

You have to wonder how that girl feels about that now!
On installing my printer it became clear that my cartridges are either undetectedly empty or unfixably borked, so I went off to the highstreet to find new ones.

Last time - not a year ago - it went like this.

"Hi, I have a HP PSC 1500 printer I'd like black and coloured ink for"
"Let me sell you this combo pack for under 25 euro"

This time it went like this:
"Hi, I have a HP PSC 1500 printer I'd likea combo pack of black and coloured ink for"
"You have what kind of printer?"
"HP PSC 1500"
"... doesn't exist. Are you sure it's not a 1510?"
"It says 1500 on the side."
"Oh. Well maybe it'll take the same cartridges as the 1510. We have normal size black, 22 euro, or hyooog black, 35 euro."
"Whoa. I also need colour."
"Well, We have normal size colour, 25 euro, or hyooog colour 37 euro."
"So I'd need to buy seperate colour and black?"
"Yes. That'll be 47 euro, or 72 euro."
"Fuck that. Last time I bought a combo pack. It was about 25 euro I recall."
*looks at me like I've just asked him for a flux capacitor for my desktop printer*
"I bought it right here."
*deer in headlights look*
"I'll just go and check what the number on the current cartridge is."

(and buy my ink online!)
Teeny tiny houses. I wouldn't want to live in it fulltime, but it would make such a lovely guesthouse :-)

Why has my hindbrain suddenly decided that I need a dog? It did so by giving me the sudden urge to browse shelter adopt-a-dog pages. I wasn't really aware I was even doing it until I looked at this page and something inside me went "That dog. You need it."

(If you can't read Dutch, it's a 12 year old, but apparently still very fit and energetic, Border Collie. Surrendered because of allergies in a child)

Don't know why this specific dog yanked on my heartstrings so hard. Maybe because of the age, and the 'I have years of good living left' factor.

There are numerous reasons why I cannot have a dog, but I can't currently remember any of them.
Dreamed I had suddenly received a rather large inheritance. Woke up, fell asleep again, dreamed I had double checked it and that it was actually happening.

Bit of a bummer to really wake up then..



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