The sound of the washing machine drives me nuts. I don't know why, something about the churning? The spin cycles are worse. Hate hate hate that sound. I always time the machine to start at 5am, while I'm still deep asleep. For some reason my housemate likes to leave the bathroom door open if she washes during the day, and I always close it. (for a while there she'd open it again, but we seem to have figured it out now)

On the other hand I love the sound of the dishwasher, and actually find it quite a soothing sort of white noise while I'm studying. Something comforting about it. Maybe the comfort of knowing dishes are getting cleaner while I have nothing to do with the cleaning? Or maybe just the water spray and wash sounds.

Unrelatedly, today is Rememberance Day here in the Netherlands. That would be why I don't like sStar Wars puns about the date.
A David Attenborough Satnav voice set

"Heah, the tiny roundabout, safe in its natural habitat, carefuly peeks out onto the motorway..."

"As we traverse the migration route, we turn left at the earliest opportunity"

If that doesn't exist, why not?

Edit: let's do a twitter campaign! It'll liven up a friday. Go here and add your suggestions please :-)
Upgrade disc arrived. Got it going last night - I started the actual upgrading between 00.00 and 00.30. Left it on overnight (new machine is soooo nice and quiet) It is now 13.52 and it's at 64%.

This is on a brand new machine that had only ever been turned on once since its vista install - I gave it a name and made a user account. That's it.

Something tells me this is not right..



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