I exorcised. Exercised.

Warm and sweaty now. I really quite like the EA Active program, the 30 day challenge is excellent, though the exercise band that came with is way too stretchy, I'm using it with wrist weights and/or a tougher band. I just need to stay in the rhythm of doing it every day, once I've had one day's break it's really easy to have more.

Tijgje is so sweet. Most mornings now he jumps up onto the corner of my mattress at around 7:30-8am and curls up there for sleepy scritchies and a lot of 'prrr?' which is possibly the sweetest sound to wake up with. Then at around 8:30 he leaves to check if there's food yet (there's always kibble but things have to get really dire before he eats that.. or so he says) and returns shortly after to jump up and meow in my face. Which is less cute, but hey, I no longer need an alarm clock...

And no, you didn't imagine the update to that last post before I pulled it. *quiet squee*
I both got these last week after the weekend (which was annoying as I was bored on the weekend and busy during the week!).
I played Lego Star Wars when visiting the House of Geeks and Games and rather liked it. It's funny and level-based without being dramatic about failing/dying. It's a lot of fun on the wii as you can hack and slash using your remote. I've played parts with both housemates and that was fun too :-) (even if they did both started out accidentally killing me a few times...). I wish we could play this with 3 people (would have to buy a 3rd controller set though) though it would probably be quite hard to keep track of the characters visually.

Wii Fit Plus I bought because I'd gotten bored with the original games on Wii Fit and felt I needed a boost to start using it again. Plus has a whole bunch of new games (some of which are a ton of fun - snowball fight! ). It has a function to recommend you routines and to make your own. It has an easy multiplayer mode (which was very much lacking in the original). The emphasis on weight sadly hasn't gone. If you like wii fit then this is worth the 20 euro just for the new games. If you are ambivalent about wii fit, then this is probably not going to sway you.
I was getting a little demotivated with the Wii Fit and found it occasionally irritating (the repeating remarks by the trainer are just annoying) so I thought I'd try another fitness game so I had some variety.
Had heard some good stories about the MyFitnessTrainer program. It's not anything like Wii Fit - for a start, it doesn't use any feedback from the controller or wii board. I wish it did! But it's really more like a fitness video that you can customise. And I do mean customise - when you set up a profile it'll test your fitness. You enter goals and what time/schedule you want to commit. You enter what equipment you have (like handweights, HRM) and it'll incorporate them into the program. Then when you start a workout, you can pick environment, music, and what sort of workout (cardio, upper/lower muscle, yoga, etc) you want.
Then during the workout it'll often ask you feedback about the intensity level so you can increase or decrease. It's all pretty nifty really. If it used controller feedback to image if you're actually doing the exercises it would be perfect! As it is it's a very nice programme, but it won't trick you into exercising like the wii fit can.
Wii games are expensive, and often once you've played them a few times they end up on a stack. It would be really cool to have a way to borrow each other's games for a few weeks.

I propose: the AFP Wii Game Exchange.

We could do this round-robin style, where person 1 sends to person 2, who sends to P3, who sends to P4, who sends to P1. This has the advantage that you get to try things you might not have picked for yourself. (I've never been into game consoles and don't know what I like, so this appeals to me)
Or if people have several games they're willing to loan out, it could be marketplace-style so people can work out a swap between themselves. That last has the advantage that you could talk about sale of games too.

[I just spent ages making a poll and it won't let me post it, so please just reply in comments:]

1) Would you want to take part in this
2) If yes, do you prefer system 1 (round robin) or system 2 (marketplace)
3) How many games do you have that you would be willing to lend out?
4) If using a round robin style exchange, what time period would you want from receiving a game to sending it on?



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