Gimme back my livejournal. There is a motherlode of Xmen First Class slash fic I have to read.
First he stood so well clipping, sometime last week. The clipper is huge and very noisy and used to worry him a bit, though he was never very difficult about it. This time he stood so calmly and I could even do the underside of his head.

Then today the farrier came and it was a replacement, our regular farrier had back surgery recently (though he had come along). And Rowan stood like a house, he makes a friend of every farrier and this new one was no exception. 'Wish they were all like this'. Yeah, I think I can take a little credit for that.

Then I went for a forest ride! It had been since last summer (I think) and I was a little nervous, but Hoss So Sweet because he was calm and steady even though he thought my calm ride was a little boring, and we did a bit more cantering than I'd intended - it's so hard to resist his enthusiasm. It was lovely. Now I have to hope my back isn't going to make me regret it too much.
I love having housemates who actively like the cats. After 4 people who dealt with them in varying degrees of tolerance (to outright intolerance in the most dramatic case), I now have two housemates who really like having a Ceiling Cat and a Basement Kitty around, and the cats like them back, spend time in their rooms and are generally affectionate. Tijg has made himself popular by imperiously deciding that chairs and beds are for him to curl up on and keep people company while studying (and also he offers tricks to beg for food sometimes, which has been proudly shown off to friends) and Spook amuses everybody with her batshitcrazy episodes.

It's really wonderful to not have to worry about if they are bothering anybody, and I just plain enjoy sharing the kitteh love. Point in fact: L just came to say that Tijg is asnooze on her bed, and she's keeping him for the night :-)

A good day

Feb. 7th, 2011 08:52 pm
This morning I was at the stable at 10 because the equine dentist was coming. Rowan didn't need any work, which was nice. It was very sunny (hurt-my-eyes sunny in fact) and though it was cold and windy too I enjoyed being outside for a while to lunge-work the powney. I rode bareback for about 10 minutes too - only to walk him out, but he was solid and I felt safe on his back (which isn't a given these days, pain makes me a little apprehensive) and it was nice.
Then I went by the garden centre because the sun is making the MUST GROW THINGS part of my brain wake up. Must grow things! Sadly there is planned work on the gallery and thus the ledge must stay cleared of things.. the work was projected to be finished by early april but there's been a lot of delay with the bad weather, so there's actually a reasonable chance I won't be able to put anything outside until well into May. Boooo! Mum keeps saying I should grow things at her place, but that means I'd miss out on all the actually watching things grow, and by the time the plants could be here on the ledge a lot of it would be far too large and heavy to move.
...plays fetch! She is definitely deliberately bringing me her toy now, and when I don't throw or flick it fast enough (it's a milk cap) she chirps at me. 
Will try to film, but she's very interested in the camera so when I set it up she just sits and stares at it.


Jan. 13th, 2011 12:48 am
Ordered plant seeds yesterday some should have them in time this year. Bunch of interesting tomato sorts and some other fun bits. Have to figure out a way to deal with seedlings now that I have The Destroyers Of All Things in the house. Some sort of windowsill nursery with a really tall top, ideally sturdy enough that the cats could sit on it? Tijg says tomato seedlings are yummy.
It will have to be tall because I foresee my seedlings will have to stay inside a long time this year. The gallery is getting renovated and it's projected I won't be able to see up my ledge garden until the end of April.

I will need to think about how things got so disease ridden this past year and if there's anything I could do to stop it happening again.


Jan. 8th, 2011 11:27 pm
Yikes. Rapidly heading toward that age point where I really should be a fully functional adult. I hate that I am so far behind of my peers.

Anybody up for dinner at Safari or some other simple but festive activity?

Oh yeah, because someone prodded me about it - list of things that would make me happy

With my gratitude to the people who let me rope them into this. sadly the photo was light-polluted enough that I needed to up the contrast and that also mostly made your faces disappear.
Someone sent me the gorgeous book Dragonology and I just adore it. Whoever you are, I hope you read this - thank you very much.


Dec. 21st, 2010 03:30 pm
Hurrah, the light is going to come back!

Have the view out of my door, to celebrate.



Dec. 7th, 2010 11:36 pm
Tijg says he would like Spookie to act normal now and chase him around the house. She's asnooze and he keeps coming up to her and making hopeful prrr? sounds. recovering. She was staaaarving last night then thundered around the house until 2am with Tijg until I shut Tijg out and her into my room. Then she tromped around on the bed. Cute but annoying.
This morning we went for a long drive. I adopted her from a shelter about 50km away and they have an arrangement with a local vet that the desex surgery is included in the adoption fee, so I had to take her all the way there. Despite freezing fog the drive wasn't too bad. They'd told me it could be until 2pm until I could get her back, and I sat around reading for a bit and then went to the shelter to return the big cage. Spent some time petting shelter kitties when the vet practice they called that Spook was done and I could come get her - barely 90 mins after I'd handed her over. Nice! They started on her because I was waiting and the other animals would be collected after owner's work.
She was very very woozy, which I always find a heartbreaking sight. I dropped by a shop to buy a smaller wire cage for her, since the letting her loose at night thing isn't something I intend to repeat. She was in there for a while, seemed to be less desoriented and got to walk around for a bit, snoozed on the bed for a while.. Tijg wanted to wash her but she told him to bog off. Then she started looking for places to hide and I put her back into the cage, which has a nest of towels and I've built a cover around one side to make it feel less open. She says her tongue feels weird (I think they put a clamp on it to keep her from swallowing it) and she looks all scruffy and sad, but I think she'll be okay soon enough.


Dec. 4th, 2010 05:06 pm
Oh god, 3 more weeks of darkness even earlier. I'm having such a hard time with it already! However, tonight, since I have nothing better to do, I will get the big box of winter decorations down, and string up lights all over the shop. Which I will probably leave until at least March, if previous years are anything to go by. But hey, it cheers me up.

In other news, I have caught a new cold.. while the previous one wasn't even fully gone yet. *sulk*
..discovered that on top of my pc, underneath my desk is a nice dark nook to hang out.

Then I discovered that the on/off switch of the pc is on the top corner and that she can indeed step on it.

And that I just lost a really long post I'd made in notepad because it started as a small scribble.

Bah. Evil.

Cats & Dog

Nov. 18th, 2010 10:48 am
My housemate's mother is visiting with her dog. Tijg has met this (very friendly but overly enthusiastic) dog twice before and has come to a degree of comfort when he's in the house. Tijg is also not afraid to chastise dog when he gets too in-your-face. Dog, used to feline supremacy, is both deeply fascinated (wants to play), and properly respectful of cat claws :-)
This morning at 4am though, Tijg woke me up to notify me that There's A Dog In The House, and this Concerned Him. I let him out of my room to stand guard in the hallway, which he did (right in front of Dog's Door) until my housemate got up.
Dog's owner brought a bench along and this morning dog was in his bench in the door opening of housemate's room. Tijg went and sat right in front of him for a while, which was funny. Spookie also came to investigate, though a bit more hesistant - she is clearly also used to dogs to some degree. They they both sat in my door opening, sat just so they could look around the corner and keep an eye on the dog. Cute. I took video, though it's probably rather dark.


Nov. 16th, 2010 10:56 pm
Spookie is teething. I'd forgotten all about that! Poor thing keeps licking and pawing at her mouth.
1) Tentative schedule for the shower situation is: seal and reshape tomorrow, tiling saturday, sealing again on sunday, drying on monday, back in use on tuesday.

2) I have about 900 teabags now. *hugs Karen and Ali*
So yesterday the theory was that the sides of the shower tray leaked and it needed to be resealed.
Today Martijn (neighbour) came by and pointed out that it was almost certainly leaking behind the tiles of that stupid little halfway ledge that always has water standing on it because it's not self-draining.
Boy was he right. Just tore out all the tiles of the ledge and downward and the cinderblocks underneath are completely soaked.. so bad that I think it could take weeks for them to dry completely and we're probably better off taking them out. (of course, no telling what we'll find behind that!). Not Good! Dad is coming by tonight to formulate A Plan, and we can rent an industrial dehumidifier tomorrow, but we're probably still looking at after the weekend at least until we have a shower again :-/



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